The Growing Danger In Our World

By: Larry Wagoner

Posted Feb 07, 2011 8:00 PM

The Growing Danger In Our World

   Our world today is increasingly complicated and frightening to many people. Only a handful of years ago we were able to live our lives secure in the knowledge that the United States was strong and secure, and, while we might have occasional differences with the government, we generally believed that it was working to protect us and our way of life.

    Sadly, that is no longer true. We are faced with an ever-more-threatening world, and with a government that seems determined not only not to protect our way of life, but actually to promote our destruction.

    Countries we once viewed as our friends are now either enemies, or at least, are hostile to us. Enemies that we once were at least able to live with in peace, now seem actively engaged in activities to bring us down.

    Worst of all – our own government is dedicated to erasing American supremacy, destroying the sovereignty of the nation, crushing our economy and weakening our standing throughout the world.

    We have a “leader” who calls our cherished Constitution “a fundamentally flawed document,” as he acts to violate every significant section of that foundational part of our nation.
Indeed – his very claim to power is at the very least questionable due to the circumstances of his birth. If he is, as many Americans believe, not in fact a natural born citizen of this nation, then we are a nation without a legitimate, legal government. Every thing that has been done by the federal government in the last two years would then be illegal.

    Even those who have most vehemently claimed his citizenship are forced now to admit that there is in fact no documentation to back their claims.

    Meanwhile, we have federal officials who have ceded control of U.S. territory in our southern states to foreign drug dealers – posting the land as off-limits to Americans.

    These same officials refuse utterly to enforce the laws they are sworn to enforce. We have cities which have designated themselves as “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens. Consider this – they are self-declared sanctuaries for criminals.

    In a more honest time, the officials who so declared would be spending their time in a prison cell, trying to concoct their defense for the trial they face on charges of High Treason.

    We have government officials trying to take away the rights guaranteed every citizen to have and bear arms. Their pious claims to support general safety are proven lies when one simply examines the statistics on gun ownership and crime. Where gun ownership is defended, protected and indeed, expected, crime is less. In those places where “gun control” is the claimed aim – crime, particularly violent crime, is higher.

    We have officials of our government labeling our citizens dangerous racists. The head of the Department of Homeland Security referred to our own soldiers as “dangerous.”

    We have a media establishment that is busy praising the attempts to socialize and weaken our country with every breath, while refusing to simply report the news.

    So what is the answer?

    We took one step in November of last year. But that was but one step. One small step in what will surely be a long journey.

    This will be a journey of re-discovery of what made our country great, and a journey of rededication to our founding ideals. It will be a journey of cleansing our souls and minds of the left-wing garbage that so weakens and damages us all.

    It will be a re-taking of our country. We must take it back from those who hate the very ideas of independence, self-reliance, freedom and rights. We must repudiate not only their ideas, but their very presence. While we must always be the home of freedom and the beacon of hope for the world, we cannot be the dumping ground of the world, nor the place that permits any its own destruction by those who oppose it.

    We must be prepared for the battle – for a battle it will be. There will be wins and losses along the way, but our efforts and dedication cannot flag. We can never be satisfied with half measures or halfway efforts.

    These are, as it was said in an earlier day, the times that try mens’ souls. But this country, this society, this culture – that built a nation that is the envy of the whole world – that built the most powerful economy and military the world has ever known – is capable of winning.

    The traitors among us who resist our return to greatness – for traitors they are – must face the fate of the traitor.

    Some time ago, we started calling our people of the era of World War II “Our Greatest Generation” –and that was perhaps a fair acclamation. It is our job to add a line to it however.

    It should have said, “The Greatest Generation – So Far.”