"Smart Growth" or What?


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Hales said on Monday that it was his understanding that if the county does not adopt or accept the study, and pay for the final installments, that MDA could make a full demand for its entire amount of money of the county that has been expended on the study so far.

At left is a paragraph from the Picayune Item article. After that statement I would have a laundry list of questions. I think Mr. Hales just doesn't seem to get it.

Emil Kleinfeld

Smart Growth and Comprehensive Planning ignore private property rights by taking the control of land
use away from the property owner and placing it in the hands of government.
These two doccuments were generated by Jeff Smith and family of Pearl River County, MS. The origin of Smart Growth began at the United Nations
Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro
in 1992.
Pearl River County Mississippi
April 2010 Revised Draft
I glanced through this and did not see the smoking gun but no doubt we don't need the feds to tell us what is obvious. Just like everything else going on. Just take the bait and then we will switch it out.  
The HUD-Funded Smart Growth Guidebook's Attack on Homeownership

Here is the Smoking Gun.

see these articales

St. Albert, Alberta, Votes to Halt Smart Growth