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AIG and $700 Billion Bailout Cases

On March 11, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Manhattan will hear oral arguments on Schulz v. Federal Reserve, et al. (AIG Bailout) and Schulz v U.S. Executive Department, el al. ($700 Billion Bailout of Financial Institutions: "TARP").

Bob is demanding the Court identify where in the Constitution it says the People have given the federal government the power to give or lend public money to any private entity for a definitively and decidedly private purpose.

These two constitutional challenges had been consolidated by the lower court.

Ignoring Bob's Individual Right to a government that does only what the People have authorized it to do, in writing, the lower court dismissed Bob's cases for "lack of standing," saying the Court had no jurisdiction to hear Bob's case because Bob's harm was no different from everyone else's in the country, implying that Bob should take the matter up with the political branches via the will of the majority.

The Court of Appeals will now decide the question.

The links for the key legal documents in the record of the lawsuit follow:
AIG Bailout Complaint
TARP Bailout Complaint
DOJ's Motion to Dismiss
WTP's Appeal to Second Circuit COA
DOJ's Response to Appeal
WTP's Reply to DOJ Appeal Response (1 page)

National Clean Election Lawsuit ("NCEL") Case

Our readers may remember this is our Petition to the federal District Court in Albany, New York, to remedy violations of our individual Right to know that our votes are being accurately counted, by prohibiting voting systems that count the votes in secret (as do all machines, whether electronic or mechanical).

Bob Schulz and John Liggett are the remaining Plaintiffs in the case against the four individual members of the New York State Board of Elections, the remaining Defendants.

Last year, the Court authorized discovery and granted our request for a jury trial.

While Bob and John have fully complied with the State's request for certain documents, the State defendants have refused to produce any of the documents demanded of them, until Bob and John sign a very broad Confidentiality Agreement.

Last week we filed a motion with the Court, seeking an Order to prevent the State from continuing to avoid its duty to produce the documents requested of them. The Court is expected to rule on the motion this week.

The original complaint and other key documents making up the record of the lawsuit can be read here.


If you are tired of what the federal government is doing, and want to know how you can take action to stop the violations of our Constitutional rights, please read the attached.  It is a long document, about 50 pages of actual reading (the rest is table of contents, etc.).  It is broken down in sections of 4-5 pages each.  You can read a section now, and a section later.  It is really time well spent.


I know that is a lot to ask, but remember:  IF CITIZENS DO NOT STAY INFORMED AND ACTIVE, GOVERNMENT CAN, AND WILL, DO WHAT IT WISHES.  For many years, we the people have been so busy living our lives, and trusting our Representatives and Senators to do what they were elected to do, that government has forgotten that it is here to serve us!


Please, take the time to read, and hopefully support the Articles of Freedom.

12/20/09 Final
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The Articles of Freedom demonstrate that we are in our Republic's 11th hour. It is undeniable that the leaders and members of each branch of the federal Government have failed to uphold their oaths of office, are ignoring the Constitution, committing acts far outside the Law, and when Petitioned for Redress by the People they refuse to respond.

If we are to remain Free, it is time for the People to take assertive, curative civic actions, which although peaceful, lie beyond the well-tread paths of (ignored) petitions, (corrupt) two-party elections and “tea party” rallies searching for direction.

It is now time for the Free People to come together to enforce their Rights, lawfully and constitutionally. The First Amendment’s Redress, or “accountability” clause, embodies the People’s natural Right of Enforcement, as any Right that is not enforceable is not a Right – i.e., it is well settled in American jurisprudence that with every Right there is a Remedy. It is also well settled that silence is an admission of guilt, when one who is obligated by law to speak refuses to do so.  The silence of our government officials speaks volumes.

If we don't claim and exercise our Right to hold our servant government accountable, then each of our Natural, Un-alienable, Individual Rights will atrophy and die. Indeed, this process is well underway.

The Supreme Governing Law of America is our Constitution. The Oath of Office affirms this.  Do we call officials opposed to its enforcement “illiterates,” or do we refer to them as “traitors,” because of their treason to the Constitution?

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