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The Reality of UN Agenda 21

This week I took a step back and became an observer of this situation called TRANSFORMING of AMERICA in an effort to understand why Americas are so ready to give up the American way of life which as brough so much greateness to America and humanity.  While talking to a friend, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  They aren't ready to give up their life, liberty and personal property, 70-78% of the population aren't. The majority of Americans all want the same things, so why are we so divided and full of hate.


How did that happen? Hate is an emotion which must be learned. No one is born with the desire to hate, yet here we are hating each other and allowing 535 people in Congress, 4500 people in the CFR, the IMF, the UN, the media and Hollywood to determine that we should hate each other give while giving them the power to control 300 million people. 10,000 people have decided they are richer, smarter and more powerful and must make all of the decisions to control every aspect of our lives.

Let's understand first up that this game is about POWER, not environment, children, animals, health or humanity etc.  It is about power. They want it. You are in the way because the only way to get power from you is if you give it to them. So let's not give it to them, simple.  Wrong, nothing in life is simple. In order to find the solution, we must accept the premise, everything happens for a reason and every action has a consequence.  (This premise is omitted from school study so please remember it) Then as Herman Cain says, you must first isolate the enemy, learn their plan and then come up with a solution. Today, let's start by isolating the enemy.  Remember: We are many, they are few.


The easy enemy is billionaire, because he stole our money because we let him, George Soros.  But remember, Soros is not acting alone. As always, there are others hidded in the shadows pulling the strings.  George is the one most visible so let's focus on Geroge. George is hell bent on destroying America as the Americans are the last strong hold complete One World Governance. Why America?  Probably because America has more natural resources than any other country in the world. See the Donal Trupm special on the Science/Discovery channel called, What's America Worth? Once you see the show, you will understand the riches that belong to America that We The People Own.   

To George, destroying America is a game and he gets to play god. George's money is behind every aspect of anti-Constitutional, anti-American behavior.  Imagine the inventions missed if only George would have put his money to constructive use instead of distruction.  George and company are evil and rich and getting richer each time one of his puppets writes a new rule or regulation to destroy an American product or industry benefitting one of the group by eliminating competition.  Last year George made a cool $8Billion. I didn't see the notice of George sharing the wealth.  More insider trading anyone?   Oh forgot, Eric won't prosecute the hand that feeds him.


Let's make sure you get the picture of how our government is working today to divide and manipulate us to hate each other.

  • George and friends write the legislation, then both R & D follow without reading because they are rewarded by George and company at the end. The energy legislation comes to mind as Petrobus (Brazil) became the recepient of $2Billion while Ameircans pay higher gas prices and beg for work.
  • Then our corrupt congress (D & R) fights over bills that no one read because George and company told them how to vote anyhow. But they put on on a great show to make sure you think they care. They only care about your wallet and your land.
  • Congress allows non-elected agencies following UN guidelines to regulate American industry and private property (you will see UN Agenda 21 all over government web sites.)
  • They use the environment and the man made global warming hoax to eliminate products, close industry causing loss of competition and jobs all so their friends can make a killing by control prices. They offer huge subsidies to buy these products so their friends can purchase the overpriced products with taxpayer rebates or subsidies, our money. (the Golf Cart comes to mind).
  • WE the People, the taxpayer paid for the golf cart or solar panels to prop up the new company's balance sheet, so others will invest into while those in the know trade short or go bankrupt causing new investors to lose money and get you to bail them out.  
  • In the meantime, Congress gives our tax dollars to the non - elected people to create more phony UN regulations that inhibit our rights and steal our property. The land is usually purchased at an inflated price so people will sell.   If there is no sale, not to worry they make up a zoning isssue and eventually they will get you off your land.  As long as the results are the same, you lose your land and the land falls into the hands of some UN group called an NGO.
  • The land comes off the tax roles so the residents are stuck making up the difference or maybe they will lose their land too bad more land fpor NGO's to buy.
  • With the help of George's big bucks in the form of media coverage, news, radio, tv, movies and sports, everyone says the same messsage without question.
  • One group is chosen to be demomized and the others are set against them while everyone denies it is happening.
  • In the meantime, China (our biggest debtor) will eventually have some plan to cash in on their equity, OUR LAND
  • All of this is done while Congress sits and says, "Cutting the budget is so hard."
  • And the American people watch this bad movie instead of acting.

So let's take a look at one day in America in the news and see if Agenda 21 is in play. 

  • Obama has Halved Spending on Border Fencing, Infrastructure, Technology--Leaving 1,300 Miles of Mexico Border Unfenced. read more
  • Agenda 21: regionalism not nationalism, Lenin, "Take away a man's heritage and he will follow."
  • Collapse the entitlement system by overloading it, getting more people on the entitlement roles so they will continue to vote for the "party"
  • Create an underground group of people who have no allegiance to America, are easily manipulated and will promote "Hate"
  • DOI gave $737million to create solar panels.Loans to promote one business or industry over another, skews competition and pricing and pickes marekt winners and losers regardless of the harm to the industry. Agenda 21, make business partners of the state.  another failure???
  • Illegals use Federal Tax Id numbers not SSI numbers to get mortgages (so you can bail out the banks for giving bad loans) and to get money back in taxes that they never paid. Should you try that you will go to jail but under Agenda21 Redistribution of wealth our congress sits and watches and the DOJ does nothing.
  • Unless Congress takes action to repeal the so-called "efficiency standards" enacted under a liberal Congress, as of January 1, 2012, it will be illegal to sell the 100-watt incandescent light bulb. Agenda 21 at its finest. Redistribution of wealth as the new bulbs are from China. The new bulbs are filled with mercury, a no-no according to the EPA.  Of course people could be killed but that will be depopulation. sign petition to bring back the lightbulb.

That is only today.  The next email will bring more Agenda 21 daily eposodes. Should you have one in your community let us know.

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