Tutorial, Put a big post on Meetup.

Meetup limits post to 7500 characters.
A slick way to put up a larger post is to upload a file and link to it.
Without doubt the patriot can view a web page (*.html) file.

1) Save your doc as a web page. File>Save As>[Save In: Local Disk (C:)] >[Save As Type: Web Page (*.htm; *.html)] the reason we save in C: is that meetup has trouble uploading files deep in the directory structure.

2) Now Log on and upload your file to the Pearl River Patriots. Pull Down "More" > Files > Add a File
Click the Browse Button a window will pop up> [Look In; Local Disk (C:)] > select the file> Click Open Button.
Click Upload File > Continue >. Reload Page.

3) Open another instance of the browser and navigate to the Pearl River Patriots site.
Go to Message Board and Select the heading you would like to place post.
Click Start New Discussion, Fill in the Subject line and Paste the first or first few paragraphs of your original doc to the Message body. Move the cursor just under that and type "More..." or whatever as a link to your files web page.

4) Now go back to the other browser in the Files section.
Right click the file you just uploaded and select Properties.
Select the entire address in the element properties window.
Right Click over the selection and click Copy. Close window.

5) Go back to the browser with Message Board.
Select the text you wish to make a link (More...) and click the "Link to..." button.
Click the cursor into the Link Address > Right Click and Paste. Click OK

6) Click Submit and you are done.