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In the beginning, about March of 2009, the founders of the Pearl River Patriots (PRP) started this Tea Party / 9-12 Group with an account on meetup. At that same time they also purchased the domain name . There was no Web Host and the name server was the meetup site. During the month of December 2010 we did obtain a Web Host. The site was donated to the PRP and uploaded to the PRP web host. A new main page was created to match the color scheme of the meetup and on January 1st 2011 the PRP's domain name was directed to the new site. We now have a real web site. However some of our members are having problems navigating. The following should help clear the confusion.
This is a screen shot of the center pane on the main page of the PRP site just below the banners at the top of the page. This first section displays thumbnail images and links to our satellite sites and the Calendar.  

There are four PRP satelite sites:

The meetup site. A social network.

The Message Board.
It's actually on our server and we administrate it.

Freedomworks, FreedomConnector. It's nation wide.

And Pearl River Patriots on Facebook

In this screen shot the PRP main page is open and active. All four of the satellite sites are also open in tabs. They are displayed just under the address bar. By clicking a tab, one can select the site and make it active. All links on the PRP main page are set to open new window. Because the browser options are set to "Open new windows in new tab instead" it does just that. Use the "x" in the tab to close it.
In Mozilla Firefox the tab settings are under


In MS Explorer the tab settings are under

Tools>Internet Options>General>Tabs>Settings